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  • Lobster Festival Forced to Eat Hotdogs Instead After Air Canada Loses Lobsters

    An Alberta woman tried to share some Newfoundland lobster with her friends and family, but Air Canada got in the way.

    Jackie Panuisiak hosts the annual Northern Alberta Lobster Festival in the community of Cotillion. She had ordered some 145 pounds of live lobster to be shipped from this province to Alberta. The problem is that the lobsters didn’t arrive.

    When Panuisiak’s sister talked to Air Canada about what happened, she says they were rude and unhelpful. She says they were passed off to Air Canada’s Cargo Relations and were met with more unhelpful behaviour. She says they did not admit any fault in the matter.

    It turns out the lobsters were in Toronto, but Air Canada’s tracking system said they had arrived. Panuisiak says it raises concerns about the reliability of Air Canada’s tracking system.

    In the meantime, the Lobster Festival was forced to eat hot dogs instead of lobster.

    She says once the community and local media picked up on the story, Air Canada offered to reimburse the shipping and the cost of the seafood, which she accepted. The lobsters finally arrived the next day, but about a quarter of them had died on their extended trip. She says the survivors were cooked and given out to the town.

    Everyone was gone at that point, according to Panuisiak, but the lobsters were given to those who came back to help clean up the hall. She says some are definitely happy to have so much lobster, but it was a disappointing experience.

    Panuisiak says next year, they’re having pork.

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