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  • Local Company Branching Out in New Research Potential

    A local offshore technology company is branching out, and looking at the possibilities in Newfoundland seaweed for fighting cancer.

    Oceans Ltd has been researching possible medical uses of seaweed for over ten years and now say they have seen promising early results in inhibiting the growth of breast cancer tumors in mice.

    CEO and founder Judith Bobbitt named the new seaweed molecule they discovered GorgonaDosi, or “mermaid potion.” Now with a patent pending, they’re looking to partner with pharmaceutical companies to fund further research.

    Oceans Ltd has yet to share information on the research with any medical journals, and Bobbitt says she doesn’t see a need to seek peer review of their results.

    But Dr. Jim Johnston of the National Research Council has been following the work, and emphasizes that while it is only early days in terms of the research needed, Oceans has done everything by the book so far, and he’s been surprised at the results.

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