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  • Local ECHL Heads Strive to Keep Tickets Affordable

    The new professional hockey team in St. John’s isn’t sure what the price of a ticket will be, but it will cost much less than a trip down to see the IceCaps.

    The IceCaps, an American Hockey League team, folded after the owners moved them to Quebec to be closer to the mother team, Montreal. The ECHL hockey team, which will begin play in the fall, is locally-owned and will remain in St. John’s.

    Tickets were $30-plus for the IceCaps but Glenn Stanford, the person who will be running the team day to day, says it won’t be anywhere near that for the new team.

    Having said that, Stanford points out that expenses for the ECHL are similar to those of the AHL with extensive travel involved.

    Dean McDonald, who’s the primary owner, says they will need at least 3,000 seats filled every night to make it work. That’s about half the capacity of Mile One.

    Stanford says there will be a total of 60 home dates at Mile One for hockey and basketball with different packages available.

    There will also be opportunities for people who want season tickets or prefer to randomly pop into a game.

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