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    Veterinarians in the province will no longer perform declaw surgeries on cats.

    The provincial government has made tail and ear docking against the law, but there are currently no laws in the province surrounding declawing, a practice that many consider to be cruel.

    President of the Veterinary Medical Association, Dr. Maggie Brown-Bury told Paddy Daly on the VOCM Morning Show that vets have decided among themselves that the surgery will no longer be performed.

    Declawing, also known as partial digital amputation, involves the removal of the last digit of each of the cat’s toes. She says it’s performed not for the health of the cat, but for the convenience of the owner, and there has been an increased public push against the practice.

    A growing number of provinces including British Columbia and Nova Scotia has imposed bans on declawing, while PEI also decided this past weekend to ban the practice.

    Listen to Dr. Maggie Brown-Bury on the VOCM Morning Show below:

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