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  • Loss of Mill Manager House a Setback for Grand Falls-Windsor Heritage: Mayor

    (Photo courtesy Vince MacKenzie via Twitter.)

    The mayor of Grand Falls-Windsor says the loss of the historic Mill Manager house in the community is a set back for locals working to restore the property on the Exploits River.

    The house was built in the late 50s and was used by the mill manager of the former Abitibi paper mill. It sits on about 10 acres of land along with Grand Falls House.

    The Mill Manager House was vacant for years before a fire broke out in the basement last summer. It was found to be too costly to restore, and instead will be removed.

    (Photo courtesy Vince MacKenzie via Twitter.)

    Mayor Barry Manuel says that was a blow for the Grand Falls House Foundation, a local group struck to find best ways to develop the entire property.

    Up until now the province has been maintaining the land and buildingsā€”that will become the Town’s responsibility once the ongoing transfer of ownership process has been completed.

    The mayor says that house could have been used to run a gift shop, rental space, etc, that could help financially sustain the property.

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