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  • MADD Canada Optimistic About Safe Marijuana Roll Out

    When it comes to marijuana, MADD Canada is hoping the proper regulations are put in place to ensure its legalization is rolled out smoothly and safely – particularly on the country’s roadways.

    We’re less than a year away now from the federal government legalizing pot in Canada.

    MADD Canada President Patricia Hynes-Coates says she’s been in meetings with both provincial and federal governments, and she says she believes they’re all in the right mindset to ensure the proper limits are in place when it comes to impaired driving.

    She says whatever amount the government sets as a limit must be abided by. But she says the lower it is, the safer our roadways will be.

    Hynes-Coates says they also want to ensure this product does not end up in the hands of our youth. They hope to see marijuana sold in licensed establishments to those 21 years of age or older.

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