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  • Majority of NLers Will Be Within 50km of a Cannabis Retailer: NLC

    About 70 per cent of the people in Newfoundland and Labrador will be within 50 km of a retail outlet for cannabis products. The Newfoundland Liquor Corporation expects about 22 outlets to open their doors when the drug becomes legal for recreational use next Wednesday.

    Residents of this province 19 and older will be allowed to buy up to 30 grams of cannabis at a time and will have the right to grow up to four marijuana plants in their homes.

    Sean Ryan, vice-president of regulatory services and social responsibility at NLC Liquor Stores, says prices will range from $6 to $12 per gram. He’s confident that supply will meet demand.

    He says the challenges faced by Newfoundland and Labrador are no different from any other province, but the contract between Canopy and the provincial government gives us an advantage.

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