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  • Man Accused in Alleged Stabbing at HMP Seeks Change of Plea

    An inmate accused of stabbing Trent Butt in Her Majesty’s Penitentiary wants to change his plea on the matter to not guilty.

    Twenty-five-year-old Justin Michael Jordan appeared today via video from prison. He smiled, he laughed, he waved to the camera, and made sudden outbursts in the courtroom.

    Jordan is accused of trying to kill Trent Butt, the man awaiting trial in the 2016 murder of his daughter Quinn.

    His lawyer told Judge Jacqueline Brazil that Jordan wants to change his plea to not guilty. At one point during his appearance, Jordan rose to his feet and yelled, “Guilty.” Brazil told Jordan to sit down, but he fired back at the judge, “You sit down.”

    At one point Jordan appeared to give Brazil the finger. The judge eventually asked the prison guards to “Take him away.”

    A half-day hearing on whether or not Jordan can change his plea has been scheduled for April 17.

    This isn’t the first time Jordan put on a performance in the courtroom. He was set for a seven-day psychiatric assessment back in January, and again today, his defence expressed concerns about his fitness.

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