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  • Man Accused of Killing Brother Vents Frustrations in Court

    (File photo.)

    A 36-year-old CBS man accused of killing his brother told the court today that there is a flaw in the system.

    Philip Butler was charged with second degree murder after he allegedly killed his brother in CBS on May 21.

    According to the charge, Butler is accused of killing George Allan Butler. It happened on Comerford’s Road. In addition, he’s facing one count of breaching his probation.

    Butler appeared in St. John’s Provincial Court this morning where the matter was set over to August 6 to enter a plea. However, Butler took the time to vent about his frustrations in prison.

    He told the court when he first called Legal Aid, he was told nobody was available to go meet with him to fill out an application. He says three private lawyers have told him they will take his case, but his money is tied up and he cannot hire them.

    He told the judge he was “down here with a doctor that won’t even prescribe anything for anxiety.” He says he’s under significant stress. Butler told the court, “If I were a woman, I wouldn’t be here after what I went through that night.”

    Judge Jacqueline Brazil told Butler he needs a lawyer, and set the matter over to give him the opportunity to meet with Legal Aid.

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