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  • Man Acquitted of Charge in Relation to Selling Prescription Percocet

    A 32-year-old St. John’s who admits to selling his prescription Percocet has been acquitted of drug trafficking.

    Shane Peter Leonard was one of about a dozen men arrested during Operation Bombard in 2015 following a number of Police raids involving members of the Vikings Motorcycle Club.

    Leonard pleaded not guilty to trafficking in Oxycodone, one of the ingredients found in Percocet. However, he admitted in court to selling some of his prescribed Percocet, citing he needed the money to live.

    According to an Agreed Statement of Facts in the case, Leonard was being prescribed the Percocet by family physician Dr. Brendan Hollohan. The facts say Hollohan was writing prescriptions for Leonard and other Vikings members. The prescriptions were then filled and sold.

    Yesterday, Supreme Court Justice David Hurley says it was Leonard’s belief that Percocet was not a controlled substance, and the judge found the evidence failed in this case to prove otherwise.

    Leonard shook his lawyer’s hand and left court.

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