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    A man who was asked to leave the Avalon Mall on the weekend claims security were biased against him because of his Aboriginal descent.

    Angus Anderson of Labrador met with mall staff yesterday, and was told that they will review his complaint and get back to him. Anderson posted the accusations on social media.

    He told VOCM Nightline with Jonathan Richler last night that he was satisfied with their response. He maintains though that he did nothing differently on Sunday than any other day the past few weeks. He went to the mall, had a coffee, made some purchases, and stayed for a couple of hours.

    He says he has never seen security ask anyone else in that situation to leave. They pointed me out because I’m Inuit. Seniors are there every day for 3, 4 and 5 hours but you don’t see security ask them to leave.

    You can hear his entire interview with VOCM Night Line’s Jonathan Richler here:

    Meanwhile Crombie REIT says the company values honesty, integrity, and diversity, and prides itself on building a sense of community at its properties.

    The mall owner says it is taking this situation very seriously, and will be working with Andersen to determine what happened, why, and what the next step should be.

    Crombie apologies to Andersen, saying they’re truly sorry that he felt targeted and insulted.

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