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  • Man Receives Six-Year Sentence in Weymouth Street Stabbing

    (File photo.)

    A 24-year-old St. John’s man has been sentenced to six years in jail after admitting to a stabbing on Weymouth Street.

    The incident happened on February 17, 2017, at about 3:00 a.m.

    Brandon Coady entered the bedroom of a woman he had been in an on-again-off-again relationship with.

    The agreed statement of facts entered in court says Coady was armed with a knife.

    Coady found the woman was in bed with a man unknown to him. The facts say Coady “instantly attacked” the unknown man, stabbing him several times in the chest, arm and leg, and kicked him repeatedly in the head.

    Coady admits he told the man, “You’re not going anywhere,” and, “You’re going to bleed out tonight, buddy.”

    The noise woke the upstairs tenant of the home, who called police.

    Coady was scheduled to stand trial earlier this morning on the charges, but instead entered a guilty plea to one count of attempted murder.

    Counsel put forth a joint submission of six years in jail, and on Monday, the judge accepted.

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