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  • Man Tears into Health Care System After Father Dies Waiting for Tests

    A man has taken to Facebook to question the health care system after his father died while at St. Clare’s following a second heart attack.

    Michael Guilfoyle was rushed to hospital on the weekend after a first heart attack, but his son says he was told he would have to wait two weeks for a dye test to determine if there was a blockage. He took a second heart attack early this week and died.

    Patrick Guilfoyle, who is in South Korea, says there’s something wrong with a health care system which is unable to administer such a possible life-saving test with more urgency.

    He’s flying back to St. John’s to say goodbye to his father, and to try to get some answers. He can’t understand why there was such a long wait.

    Patrick has taken the unusual step of inviting via Facebook the premier, health minister and other political leaders to his father’s funeral. He will be waking at Caul’s on LeMarchant Road on the weekend.

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