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  • Marine Atlantic Ship Aids in Second Rescue This Month

    A Marine Atlantic vessel aided in a rescue on the Cabot Straight for the second time this month.

    The MV Highlanders was contacted by the Canadian Coast Guard yesterday about a sailboat in distress off the coast of Cape Breton.

    The ferry responded to the scene, and found one man and his dog on the boat.

    However, Darrell Mercer of Marine Atlantic says the sailor did not want to leave his vessel.

    He says that when the Highlanders arrived on scene, the person in the boat did not want to leave. He says Marine Atlantic remained on scene until around 5:15 p.m., at which time the Coast Guard took over.

    It’s the second time in just a few weeks that a Marine Atlantic vessel was called into service to help in a rescue. Earlier this month, the Leif Ericson plucked three Nova Scotia fishermen from the water after their vessel and lifeboat caught fire.

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