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  • Massive Jump in ERMA Interest Due to Declining Salmon Stocks

    The recent drop in the Atlantic salmon population in our rivers and streams has resulted in a delay of the AGM for one of the groups which helps manage waterways and tourism facilities in central Newfoundland.

    The Environment Resources Management Association, or ERMA, would’ve had its AGM last week but has postponed it until June because of significant interest. For the first time in years, the AGM saw an attendance outside its board of directors. After much discussion, the board ended that meeting and will reconvene June 20th.

    ERMA works with numerous groups concerned about the health of fish populations, but it also operates the Salmonid Interpretation Centre, including the Fallsview Restaurant and Gift Shop. That centre greeted more than 25,000 visitors last year.

    Board member Dennis Rose says the recent drop in the number of salmon has raised grave concerns, and people are looking to them as having a part in dealing with the decline.

    He says the five-week delay will give them some time to determine how best to capitalize on the renewed interest in the association.

    The federal government has limited the retention of salmon to one per scheduled river intending to reassess the situation in the summer.

    ERMA’s AGM will now be June 20th at the Mount Peyton.

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