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  • McKinsey Report Unfairly Focuses on St. John’s for Aerospace Expansion, says Gander

    The Town of Gander is concerned about the future of the airport town as a designated hub for the provincial aerospace industry.

    Mayor Percy Farwell issued a release today saying concerns first arose following the release of the McKinsey report on economic diversification. He says the report suggests and encourages the expansion of the provincial aerospace sector in and around St. John’s.

    Farwell says the report makes only a passing reference to industry members in Gander, while focusing on a single company in St. John’s.

    The Gander town council says it has since learned of a proposed collaboration between CNA and a private industry player that would create a multi-million dollar “Centre for Advanced Manufacturing in Aerospace.”

    That, says Farwell, is contrary to the provincial government’s strategic plan and road map for economic growth and diversification.

    He says while council fully supports investment in the provincial aerospace sector, it feels that investment should be directed where a solid foundation already exists.

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