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  • Med Students Step Up Calls for Abortion Pill Coverage

    A group of students from MUN’s faculty of medicine are calling on the government to provide universal, no-cost coverage of a medical abortion pill.

    Mifegymiso would provide more options for women who are seeking abortion services, particularly for women in rural areas and Labrador who are able to receive this treatment from their family doctor and take it in their own home.

    Women in many parts of the province have no access to surgical abortions unless they travel to St. John’s, a trip that can be both costly and emotionally disturbing.

    Christopher Vizena is one of the students pressing for this coverage, he calls it a “no brainer” for the province.

    He says it’s been approved in Canada by Health Canada for 18 months now and it’s been used widely internationally for about 30 years. He says they think it’s time for Newfoundland to step up and join the other provinces.

    Vezina says there are risks, but the drug is very safe.

    He says they recommend anyone who will receive the medication is within one to two hours of a health centre just so they can be monitored. The drug was dispensed 4,000 times last year in Canada and there was only one adverse event that was reported.

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