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  • Mental Health, Inmates Rights Advocate Takes Protest to Waterford Hospital

    Mike Williams, a former inmate at Her Majesty’s Penitentiary who has been protesting outside the facility, moved his protest to the Waterford Hospital this morning.

    Williams is seeking greater programs and services for inmates at HMP.

    Williams, who was charged with uttering threats outside HMP earlier this week, says he’s been prohibited from protesting outside the facility. He’s shifted gears to shed more light on the issue of mental illness and how it’s being addressed in the criminal justice system.

    He says it wasn’t until he was incarcerated in British Columbia that he had his mental illness diagnosed properly and treated. He says the four years of treatment he received has done him a world of good.

    He says because of that, he’s been nine years without being incarcerated and seven years clean without drugs. He suggests Health Minister John Haggie and Justice Minister Andrew Parsons sit down with him and come up with a plan.

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