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  • MHA Frustrated by Lack of Cooperation in IOC Dispute

    The MHA for Labrador West says it’s frustrating to have the two sides of the IOC strike in Labrador telling him they are willing to return to the bargaining table, while refusing to come together.

    Graham Letto says despite the outcry for government intervention, it’s better that the two sides come together to reach a mutual agreement.

    He says he doesn’t want government to mandate a solution. He wants workers, business and industry to come up with a solution, because right now everyone is losing.

    The IOC strike is heading into its second month, and tensions are mounting as IOC continues to use temporary workers to fill positions.

    Letto says he feels they are close to reaching an agreement, but it’s frustrating to hear them saying one thing but not acting on it.

    He says it’s very frustrating to hear both sides telling him they are willing to talk but refuse to do so.

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