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  • MHAs Can’t Buy Cannabis with Government Funds, Under Proposed Law

    Provincial MHAs are not going to be reimbursed by taxpayers for the pot they buy.

    At least that’s what government is planning to bring into law with new legislation being drafted in the House of Assembly.

    As the legalization of marijuana draws closer, the legislature is starting to introduce policies and regulations that govern not only the public’s relationship with cannabis, but also elected members of the House of Assembly.

    Last night during the House of Assembly’s Management Commission meeting, the group brought forward a motion to amend the House of Assembly Integrity Act so that MHA’s would not be reimbursed for marijuana they purchase.

    Chair Perry Trimper says the amendment treats marijuana the same as alcohol.

    He says staff reviewed legislation to look for references to alcohol and drugs and drafted an amendment to forbid members from being reimbursed for buying cannabis, which is already the case for alcohol.

    The motion was approved, but the amendment will not be put into effect until the federal government legalizes marijuana.

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