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  • MHAs Trade Barbs Over Plastic Bag Ban Consultations

    The province-wide ban on plastic bags or lack-there-of was debated yet again in the House of Assembly yesterday.

    PC MHA Barry Petten questioned Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment, Graham Letto on holding more consultations before panning plastic bags.

    Letto says he would absolutely not apologize for the move amid heckling from both sides of the House. He says they were asked to hold more consultations and they’re doing just that.

    PC Leader Ches Crosbie says there is no need for more consultation on a plastic bag ban, there is a need for leadership and action.

    He says people want the ban.

    Crosbie says government is slow to move on these things and it’s hard to explain. The opinion poll shows 80 per cent of people in Atlantic Canada want the ban, so why the delay?

    Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment, Graham Letto says he is all for the ban, but it needs to be done right.

    He says they are going to make sure they haven’t missed anything and everyone’s concerns are looked after.

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