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  • Minister Filing ATIPP Request Into Eastern Service Board Over Cabin Service Fees

    The Minister of Municipal Affairs will be filing a request this week under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPPA) to shed some light on what he calls misinformation being spread by the Eastern Service Board on cabin fees.

    Cabin owners in Eastern Newfoundland recently began making complaints about their waste collection fees, and the lack of services being provided. Pictures show the deplorable state of these cabin areas with loose garbage lying out in the open.

    Eddie Joyce says the Board is not being completely up-front about the fees.

    He says during a meeting in January the Board told him they don’t have the authority to relax cabin fees for seasonal cabins, but government has since found there is nothing in the legislation preventing them from doing so.

    The Board also told Minister Joyce that the fees applied by other regional service boards, that vary depending on the time of year, are illegal.

    Joyce says he’s growing frustrated with the misinformation coming from the Board, and is now resorting to something he’s never done before during his time as Minister.

    He says the statements coming from the Board are false, and now he has resorted to filing an Access to Information request to get his hands on their legal opinion and more information related to why they are charging owners for waste collection when the Board is not providing the service.

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