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  • Missing Dog Should Never Have Been There, Owner Indicates

    A $500 dollar reward is being offered through the Springdale Volunteer Fire Department, from an anonymous sponsor, for the return of a boxer missing in the area following a traffic accident.

    Luke, the boxer went missing after the accident near Sheppardville early Sunday morning. However, the dog’s owner claims his pet should never have ended up in that situation.

    Todd Hinks of Pasadena was in St. John’s when his wife decided to come out to visit him for the Father’s Day weekend. She placed their dog, Luke in a kennel to be cared for over the weekend. That’s where the story takes a strange turn.

    Springdale RCMP issued a release seeking help in locating Luke, a boxer who ran off from an accident scene near Sheppardville yesterday morning.

    Hinks says it turns out the kennel owner decided to take Luke along on a trip to their cabin, unbeknownst to him. He says the vehicle they were in was involved in an accident around 8:00 yesterday morning, and his dog took off.

    Hinks says he wasn’t even contacted by the kennel owner informing him that his dog was missing until late last night.

    Luke is a nine-year-old fawn-coloured boxer with a white chest and docked tail. Hinks describes him as very friendly, but he may be injured or scared. He’s hoping anyone with information can contact RCMP in Springdale to get his dog back home.

    Call Springdale RCMP at (709) 673-3864.

    For the reward, contact the Springdale Fire Department for further information: (709) 673-4333

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