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  • Mission Continues in Rescue of Thai Soccer Team

    Photo credit: Thai Navy SEAL

    The world continues to watch and hold its breath as one-by-one the members of a Thai soccer team are brought out of the cave they’ve been trapped in for over two weeks.

    Eight of the children have been removed so far with the help of the Thai Navy SEALs, and experts and elite divers from around the world.

    John Olivero is a certified cave diver who works with Ocean Quest Adventures, based in St. John’s. He’s been watching the operations closely and says he knows some of the elite divers who have been brought in to help with the operation.

    He says some of them have come over from England, where cave diving started, and involve divers who are very used to diving in conditions similar to those in Thailand right now.

    Olivero told Paddy Daly on the VOCM Morning Show that because they’re children, they may be more resilient to the challenges ahead.

    CNN’s live updates and coverage on the rescue mission can be found here:

    CNN Live Coverage on Thai Soccer Team Rescue Mission

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