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  • Mixed Reaction to ‘Sleepwatcher’ from Neighbours

    There is mixed reaction from residents of a seniors apartment to word that the so-called “Sleepwatcher” is living among them.

    54-year-old Barry Sinclair, who was the subject of a recent RNC warning, is living in Bristol Apartments on Blackmarsh Road in St. John’s.

    Police are attempting to restrict the movements and behaviour of Sinclair through a section of the criminal code and are reminding people to be vigilant when it comes to locking their doors and windows.

    Sinclair has been convicted of sexual assault and a number of break and enters and is thought to be a high risk to re-offend. Known as the “Sleepwatcher” in Nova Scotia, Sinclair moved to St. John’s upon completing a five year stint in federal prison.

    One female resident tells VOCM News, knowing Sinclair is close by, has disrupted her daily routine. The woman informs she spends a lot of time alone, but she says those days are gone. She says she has been staying close to her husband and goes out if he does. She says she finds it difficult to sleep.

    Not everyone in Bristol Apartments feels the same way. Two men is the building feel Sinclair is being treated unfairly.

    One man living in the apartment complex says, Sinclair has done the crime and the time and feels he deserves his freedom. Another resident who claims to be Sinclair’s neighbour, agrees and says he hasn’t heard any noise coming from the ex-convict’s dwelling since he moved in.

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