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  • More Power to the Landlords in Proposed Residential Tenancies Act Amendments

    Landlords and tenants across the province are getting a new set of rules to play by.

    Government announced proposed amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act in St. John’s today.

    Some of the biggest changes are the ability for a tenant to terminate a rental contract in cases of domestic abuse, and the addition of boarding houses to be included under the Act.

    Landlords would have to give tenants six months notice before raising their rent instead of three, but tenants can now be served an eviction notice if their only five days late on their rent, whereas before it was 15 days.

    Subletters will now be officially considered landlords, and the director now has the authority to terminate a rental contract without mediation or a hearing when a landlord’s property is at risk.

    The bill enters second reading in the House of Assembly today.

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