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  • More Visitors Discovering Historic Placentia Home

    Visitor traffic is growing at the historic O’Reilly House in Placentia thanks to a number of recent improvements to the building.

    The president of the Placentia Area Historical Society, Tom O’Keefe, says the home was built in 1902 for Irish Magistrate William O’Reilly and his family. The building, which was eventually turned over to the town in the 1970’s, has served as the community museum ever since.

    O’Keefe says the structure contains a wide collection of artifacts that have been donated by area residents over the years, but they required a better system of organization. He says the upgrades include the fully-restored bright yellow clapboard outside.

    He says the renovation work and streamlined collection has helped keep interest in Placentia’s rich heritage alive and well.

    O’Keefe believes tourism numbers were a little lower in the town of Placentia this past summer but he says that didn’t affect visitor numbers at O’Reilly House.

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