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  • Communities Cut Off as Flood Waters Destroy Roads

    Dozens of communities around the island have been affected by flood damage.

    Morrisville in the Bay d’Espoir region is now completely cut off from the rest of the province.

    Flood waters rushed through the small community last night, destroying roads and washing away vehicles and buildings. There are no reported injuries.


    Pictures from the town of fewer than 100 show how devastating the damage really is, with roads completely impassable because they’ve either been washed away or are covered with debris.

    Resident Lucy Ball says sheds that were across the street from her are gone.

    She says her neighbour’s home was flooded with water and debris, including trees.


    Ball says she couldn’t believe the force of the water when it started rushing through the area in the early morning hours. She says it moved cars and trees.

    Ball says she’s not sure how the tiny community will cope since most of the men who could do the heavier repairs are all away working.

    Harbour Breton Landslide Forces Evacuation

    A landslide in Harbour Breton caused by heavy rain forced the town to evacuate more than 20 residents.

    Mayor of Harbour Breton Roy Drake says it was a rough night.

    He says they had 130mm of rain and 130 km/h winds which caused extensive damage. No one was injured but they evacuated people near a landslide.

    All those displaced overnight have since returned to to their homes.

    Drake says though they’ve made it through the worst of it, there’s a lot that needs to be done.

    He says they had high winds today but the highway connecting the town with Central Newfoundland is closed and they are relying on air ambulance for the time being.

    Communities Affected by Flood Damage

    St. Alban’s Mayor Jamie LeRoux says sheds floated away and homes were threatened as roads began to crumble. While some people were evacuated from their homes, none of the houses were lost.

    Lewisporte is one of many towns where a State of Emergency has been declared. Mayor Brian Sceviour says Main Street at Woolfrey’s Brook is closed.

    Sceviour says a lot of people have had their basements flooded. But the town is dealing with the main thoroughfares first and will get to town residents as time permits.

    Lewisporte got over 148 mm of rain. Mayor Sceviour said this was his first experience with declaring a State of Emergency after serving 13 years on council.

    Point Leamington is totally cut off from Northern Arm and other towns, so it has declared a state of emergency. Mayor Wilf Mercer says all town services are functioning and there’s no need for alarm, but anyone needing urgent medical care would have to go via air ambulance.

    Canada Post has halted mail delivery to affected communities today.

    Officials say delivery will resume once conditions improve.

    VOCM News is inviting people to send in their storm damage pictures and video.

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