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  • MUN Celebrates Academic All-Canadian Students

    MUN celebrated its student-athletes at a ceremony in St. John’s this week.

    39 students were recognized as Academic All-Canadians, meaning they had maintained a 80% average while playing on a varsity team.

    This year 28% of Memorial’s student-athletes made the cut.

    Sea-Hawks Director of Athletics Karen Murphy said the atheletes were proof that “success in sport doesn’t hamper academic achievement and being a scholar doesn’t impede athletic excellence.”

    Here’s the full list of the Academic All-Canadian athletes honoured:

    • Emily Bailey, Soccer, Business
    • Adam Boland, Curling, Business
    • Darci Tucker, Swimming, Business
    • Matthew Rose, Swimming, Business
    • Michael Scott, X-Country, Education
    • Nicole Chan, Track & Field, Engineering & Applied Sciences
    • Benjamin Collingwood, Soccer, Engineering & Applied Sciences
    • Jacopo Fragasso, Cross Country, Engineering & Applied Sciences
    • Scott Holmgren, Volleyball, Engineering & Applied Sciences
    • Matthew Power, Cross Country, Engineering & Applied Sciences
    • Veronica Reid, Swimming, Engineering & Applied Sciences
    • Claire Skanes, Soccer, Engineering & Applied Sciences
    • Jordi Slaney, Soccer, Engineering & Applied Sciences
    • Daniel Sparkes, Swimming, Engineering & Applied Sciences
    • Rebecca Roberts, Curling, Humanities & Social Sciences
    • Zach Young, Curling, Humanities & Social Sciences
    • Jordon Fewer, Cross Country, Science
    • Iain Gamba, Soccer, Science
    • Erica Hayward, Track & Field, Science
    • Owen McAleese, Soccer, Science
    • Callum Mireault, Volleyball, Science
    • Joseph Pittman, Track & Field, Science
    • Hannah Rivkin, Soccer, Science
    • Rosemary Stanoev, Basketball, Science
    • Rebecca Dyer, Swimming, Human Kinetics & Recreation
    • Mona Frey, Basketball, Human Kinetics & Recreation
    • Gregory Furlong, Soccer, Human Kinetics & Recreation
    • Kieran Hawksley, Basketball, Human Kinetics & Recreation
    • Nicole Hollohan, Cross Country, Human Kinetics & Recreation
    • Evan Myles, Soccer, Human Kinetics & Recreation
    • Gerard Power, Track & Field, Human Kinetics & Recreation
    • Alison Poynter, Volleyball, Human Kinetics & Recreation
    • Logan Slade, Swimming, Human Kinetics & Recreation
    • Brent Wareham, Volleyball, Human Kinetics & Recreation
    • Keisha Younge, Soccer, Human Kinetics & Recreation
    • Emily Hickey, Cross Country, Nursing
    • Jessie Noseworthy, Soccer, Nursing
    • Catherine Ducey, Volleyball, Marine Institute
    • Sean Forrester, Soccer, Marine Institute

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