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  • MUN Civil Engineering Prof Takes on ‘The Pothole Problem’

    The pothole problem will be the topic of an information session this afternoon at Memorial University.

    Potholes open up each spring when the ground starts to thaw and can cause considerable damage for unsuspecting drivers.

    Dr. Kamal Hossain is an assistant professor of civil engineering at MUN and will speak on ways to reduce potholes and rutting on the province’s roads. He says potholes are the result of physical distress in the pavement caused in part by poor asphalt binders, poor mixtures and the frequent freeze-thaw cycle.

    He says that combined causes extreme stresses which creates micro-cracks in the pavement made worse by traffic load.

    Dr. Hossain says he’s driven in numerous provinces and states and can’t recall “potholes ahead” signs. He says we can do better. He says when tax dollars are not spent on better solutions, it’s being wasted.

    The session will take place today at 12:00.

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