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  • MUN Students Fed Up With Food Quality at University Dining Hall

    Memorial University says Aramark, which provides food services at R. Gushue Hall, is aware of three cases of food quality concerns this academic year.

    Memorial was responding to complaints about the food provided at the R. Gushue Hall at Memorial University.

    Justin Thomas took to VOCM Open Line with Paddy Daly about what he sees as less than adequate service for what they’re paying.

    He says they pay $2655 a semester for food that is consistently undercooked, moldy and of poor quality.

    Memorial University says it takes food safety and quality seriously. The administration says it consulted with Aramark, the food service provider for the main dining hall, and say there have been no reports of foodborne illness.

    The three incidents reported over the academic year include a piece of plastic found in a bowl of ice cream in November, five pieces of undercooked chicken in early February, and moldy bread reported in late February. It was determined that proper procedure was not followed in the case of the under-cooked chicken while the moldy loaf of bread was removed and supply rechecked.

    MUN says its goal is to have zero incidents, and they’re continuing to work with the contractor for a quality dining experience. The school administration is asking that students make Aramark and the university aware of food concerns in a timely manner so the right action can be taken.

    Thomas has started a petition for better food quality.

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