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  • MUN Students Petitioning for Better Food

    A MUN student petitioning for improvements to food at the University says he will take the fight as far as he can until better food is served.

    Justin Thomas called VOCM Open Line with Paddy Daly on Tuesday, and since then he has received messages and pictures from students about their bad experiences at the Gushue Dining Hall.

    Photos of bloody chicken, a ball bearing in spaghetti, a cigarette butt, hair, mouldy bread and fruit have been making the rounds on social media.

    Students are questioning why they are paying over $2,500 a semester for food that often is inedible.

    MUN says they take the food quality and preparation seriously but Thomas says he doesn’t see that in the food served.

    Thomas says if MUN took this seriously, you wouldn’t find find steel wool in apples or cigarette butts in salads.

    Thomas has launched a petition which has all the 1,500 signatures required.

    Aramark, the company that prepares the food, reached out to Thomas and wants to meet.

    The company provided this statement to VOCM News:

    “Nothing is more important to us than food safety and the customer experience we deliver. We have an active Resident Dining Committee, comprised of MUN students and faculty that meets regularly to discuss and address student preferences and suggestions for the dining program.

    We take all concerns very seriously. We have reached out to the student who started the petition and encourage anyone with a concern about their dining experience to contact MUN dining through any of our onsite managers, through the dining website, or the Your Voice Counts web portal, which has instructions posted at various locations in each of our dining sites.”

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