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  • Muslim Association Moved by Outpouring of Local Support

    Mosque located on Logy Bay Road in St. John's. VOCM file photo.

    There has been an outpouring of support for the local Muslim community in the wake of a deadly shooting incident in Quebec Sunday night.

    People have been dropping flowers off at the mosque on Logy Bay Road in a show of sympathy and solidarity with the Muslim community.

    President of the Muslim Association, Dr. Syed Prizada says they’ve been moved by the support of local churches, community groups and ordinary citizens. Who he says have come to their community centre to drop off flowers and show their unconditional support.

    Meanwhile, a “human shield” will take place at the local mosque this Friday to show that the community supports the Muslim community. Organizer Gobhina Nagaraha told VOCM Nightline with Jonathan Richler it’s part of a larger nation-wide event.

    She says they’ll start to gather outside at 12:30 on Friday before prayers, while members of the community are also being invited inside to join in the service.

    The event page is at this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/418719868470798/

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