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  • Muslim Association says New Mosque Rejected on Technicality

    Mosque located on Logy Bay Road in St. John's. VOCM file photo.

    The local Muslim community says getting approval to build a new mosque to accommodate their growing congregation has been difficult.

    The President of the Muslim Association, Syed Pirzada, says they’ve outgrown the mosque on Logy Bay Road, and have obtained a site nearby to build a new facility.

    Pirzada says the association’s proposal to the City of St. John’s was rejected on a technicality. He explains that the bylaw makes mention of construction for a church, synagogue and multi-cultural centre among other types of gathering places, but because there is no mention of mosques, the city was forced to refuse the application to build.

    Pirzada calls the wording a possible oversight. He remains positive about the setback and says he is hopeful that city officials will realize that the Muslim community in St. John’s is growing.

    Pirzada says the Muslim community participates in elections, and all the other activities of the city. He hopes city officials can amend the wording in the bylaw to include mosques. Pirzada calls the need for a new place of worship a necessity.

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