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  • Mussel Population Dropping Due to Climate Change, Harvesting

    Mussel lovers be warned. A biology professor from the University of California says mussel populations in the Atlantic are set to drop.

    Cascade Sorte and her team have been studying mussel populations in the Gulf of Maine, and after comparing their numbers to those of 40 ago Sorte realized the numbers are falling.

    She says people don’t realize how important mussels are. She says mussels aren’t something we think of as cuddly pets but they serve and important role in our ecosystem because they make the ocean habitable for all sorts of wildlife.

    Sorte chalks it up to a combination of climate change and human harvesting. She says the future is looking bleak for mussels on the east coast of Canada.

    She says scientists are seeing declines everywhere, and although it’s possible mussels may find refuge further North she fears most of the Atlantic coastline is going to see a drop in mussels.

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