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  • Nalcor Made it Clear SNC-Lavalin Report ‘Needs to Not Exist’ says Director of Risk Assessment

    A representative of SNC-Lavalin says it was his understanding that Nalcor executive Paul Harrington was aware of a risk assessment report carried out by the company regarding the Muskrat Falls project.

    The risk assessment was conducted internally at SNC-Lavalin in April of 2013. Its existence was revealed publicly in 2017 by the provincial government. Premier Dwight Ball told reporters at the time that he was shocked that Nalcor officials sat on the report and he disputed assertions by former CEO Ed Martin that he was not aware of it.

    Jean-Daniel Tremblay, a director of risk assessment services at SNC-Lavalin, testified at the Muskrat Falls Inquiry on Monday via Skype.

    Tremblay was called to a meeting with Nalcor’s Paul Harrington who was in charge of the power generation aspect of the Muskrat Falls project. Tremblay says it was his understanding that the meeting was called to discuss the report. He testified Harrington appeared none-too-pleased.

    He told Nalcor lawyer Dan Simmons at the Inquiry that he couldn’t remember the words that were used, but it was made “clear” that the report “needs to not exist.”

    Tremblay says he wasn’t sure how to proceed given that reaction, and ultimately he was removed from the project.

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