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  • NAPE President Urges Patience During Processing of Severance Payout

    The president of the province’s largest public sector union is urging patience as members await their share of a $250-million severance payout negotiated late last year.

    The deadline for NAPE workers who are eligible for government severance payouts to get their preferences in is fast approaching, but already, most want their payments sooner rather than later. That’s causing some issues for the provincial government which has put extra resources into processing the payouts.

    NAPE President Jerry Earle says that process is more intensive than some might think, especially given the fact that close to 90 per cent have already opted to take their payment now.

    Earle says there are complexities involved, and is not always as simple as some might think.

    He says every single request is a manual audit. In some cases a worker may have multiple employers or may have leaves of absence, all of which has to be audited individually. Those doing the work are also NAPE members and Earle says to suggest that members are delaying the process is “certainly not true.”

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