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  • NAPE Seeking Legislation to Help Workers with PTSD, Stress Injuries

    NAPE is calling on government to adopt legislation for workers dealing with mental health issues to allow them to seek compensation and support.

    The union recently commissioned two professors at Memorial University to examine the state of workplace mental health and come up with recommendations to improve outcomes for workers.

    Criminology professor Dr. Rose Ricciardelli and MUN sociology professor Dr. Alan Hall released their findings in St. John’s today.

    The report highlights the need for legislation to bridge the gap between current mental health practices and more inclusive and supportive laws for workers.

    Specifically, the report recommends that government bring in presumptive legislation that includes mental health injuries from chronic stress, recognizes all psychological injuries from work, and removes the need for workers to prove the link between their illness and what happened in their jobs.

    Dr. Hall says it’s often difficult to prove the link between mental health and one’s job.

    NAPE says the report is a working document, and research will continue until the legislation is the best it can be for workers in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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