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  • Need for Collaboration Stressed as New Government Takes Form

    The Premier says a collaborative approach will be needed now that the Liberals have been re-elected with a minority government, but the PCs are already threatening to take the Ball Liberals down.

    The Liberals have just 20 seats, with the PCs, NDP and two Independent seats rounding out the other 20.

    PC Leader Ches Crosbie, in a combative mood, indicated last night that the Liberals would not survive another year, but the real balance of power lies with the NDP and two Independent seats.

    NDP Leader Alison Coffin says she’s willing and open to talk with anyone about issues of concern to them, but she couldn’t make any promises.

    Eddie Joyce, a former long-time Liberal said last night he would not re-join the Liberal Party, but he sent a clear message to PC Leader Ches Crosbie on the VOCM Morning Show with Paddy Daly.

    He says the people of the province do not want another election. Joyce accused Crosbie of having a short memory, having said only a few months ago that Joyce would not be welcomed in the Tory fold.

    He says Crosbie has changed his tune for opportunistic reasons, and Joyce says rather than take government down and force another election, it’s time to work together.

    Paul Lane says he can’t be bought, and while he intends to stay sitting Independently, he’s also looking at a collaborative approach. He says he has no interests in bringing down any government.

    Minority Government Could Prove Beneficial: Bittner

    Political scientist Amanda Bittner says a collaborative approach in a minority government situation may be new to members of the current legislature, but it is common in other jurisdictions.

    She says in theory it could lead to better policy decisions.

    The fear is that a collaborative approach could lead to pork-barrel politics, but Bittner says a healthy opposition leads to better governments.

    She says until now it’s been journalists who are holding government accountable, but in a democracy, it works better when the opposition is also better able to hold government accountable.

    Amanda Bittner spoke with Paddy Daly on the VOCM Morning Show. Listen below:

    Voter Turnout Higher Than Previous Election

    Voter turnout was higher than some forecast this provincial election, especially when compared to 2015. That’s according to Elections NL, from its preliminary count.

    A little under 215,000 votes were cast in this election, marking a turnout of 60.6 per cent of registered voters.

    In comparison, about 14,000 fewer votes were cast in 2015, with a 55.3 per cent voter turnout.

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