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  • New Book Highlights Frustrations and Joys of Autism Parents

    A cancer survivor who is raising a son with autism has just penned a book that many autism parents will relate to.

    “Calm the F*** Down!” takes an amusing, but serious look at the challenges faced by parents of children on the autism spectrum.

    Author Florence Strang is an educational psychologist whose son Ben was diagnosed at the age of three. She decided to write the book to outline some of the frustrations and joys of parenting a child with autism.

    It was her aim to help increase understanding and awareness, in what is a very frank and light-hearted way.

    Strang says most kids with autism have a very high need for structure and routine. She says they like to have their schedules, and “God forbid” if something on that schedule changes. She says those changes can sometimes lead to “meltdowns”, which unlike temper tantrums that are caused by a child not getting his or her way, are caused by anxiety.

    The book is now available in bookstores.

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