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  • New Placentia Lift Bridge Reopens to Road Traffic After Brief Snag

    The new Placentia lift bridge, which opened only less than a year ago, is already experiencing problems.

    It malfunctioned for a time yesterday, forcing people to find an alternate route. The bridge has since reopened to road traffic.

    The lift became stuck, a problem which was more associated with the old bridge than the new one.

    It cost almost $50-million to replace the bridge, which opened last September. The old bridge had become a hazard, especially for heavy traffic such as school buses.

    It’s unclear as to what has caused the new bridge to malfunction. Technicians are on site to assess and determine necessary repairs.

    Repairs Continuing

    The Department of Transportation says repairs continue on the new Placentia Lift Bridge continue, and while the bridge is open to road traffic, it remains closed to marine traffic.

    Officials say the problem occurred when an electrical switch failed, causing an alignment issue.

    A warranty on the new structure is in place, and the department is determining what can be applied.

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