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  • New Universal Design Website Promotes Inclusive Communities

    A brand new website has just gone live that aims to teach the general public more about the concept of universal design and how to incorporate principles of universal design in the home.

    The Coalition for Persons with Disabilities NL has partnered with the Disability Policy Office and the Universal Design Taskforce for the launch of an interactive site that promotes building more inclusive communities. The site engages the viewer with helpful tips and shows a model home with information hotspots for visitors to explore.

    CODNL executive director Emily Christy says the site is very much about building for everyone so the majority of people can participate.

    Christy says when you think a going into a grocery store with a baby stroller and the door isn’t wide enough to accommodate or doesn’t open automatically, is a barrier. She says they are barriers that affect persons with disabilities whether it access to an inclusive washroom or trying to get to the second floor of a building and realizing there is no other option for access but the stairs.

    Check out the new site at: https://universaldesignnl.ca/

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