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  • Newfoundland Invention Featured on Daily Planet Show

    A Newfoundlander’s invention of a portable electric turbine is making waves online.

    Waterlily is a miniature turbine that uses wind or water power to recharge electronic devices while people are exploring the outdoors.

    Waterlily founder, Andrew Cook, says the idea grew out of a previous idea for a larger scale system.

    After building the prototype Cook, along with his co-founders Adam Press, Geoff Holden, and Robert Boyd, posted a video of their invention on Facebook.

    Within two days the video had more than 20,000 views. That’s when they decided to pull the trigger and put together a commercial version of their product.

    Since then the Waterlily had garnered attention all over the web and was even featured on an episode of Daily Planet on Discovery Canada.

    Cook says in a world where renewable energy is becoming more important each day he’s hoping Waterlily helps people stay connected on the go.

    Waterlilly turbine website

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