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  • Newfoundlander Vows to Stay in Haiti Despite Civil Unrest

    Karen Huxter

    A Newfoundland woman plans to stay in Haiti to continue supporting those in need, despite ongoing political tensions in the country.

    Karen Huxter, originally from Springdale, founded the non-profit organization ‘Hands Across the Sea’ over twenty years ago, and has since been working to support children and families in Haiti.

    Violent protests over soaring inflation and accusations of corruption have rocked the country’s capital, causing tensions to rise throughout the country.

    Despite the difficult situation, Huxter says they’re doing the best they can to continue support.

    She says everyone’s walking on egg shells. They wake up every morning unsure if all employees will be able to get in, or if the roads will be blocked.

    They’re focused on ensuring they can get access to the resources they need. Huxter says as things calmed, they sent people out to get fuel for their generator. However, she says their propane supply is dwindling, which is a much bigger challenge.

    She’s not concerned for her safety, as the mission compound is relatively safe, but she says life is getting harder for many Haitians every day.

    She says the biggest problem facing her is that children cannot get to school. She says the needy people in Haiti are hurting more and more every day.

    While the Canadian Government issued a travel warning, asking Canadians in Haiti to consider returning as soon as possible, she says leaving is not in her immediate plans.

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