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  • NL Culture, History and Food on Display in Parts Unknown

    Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain’s excursion to Newfoundland and Labrador aired last night and now the province is hoping to reap the benefits.

    Filmed back in September, the episode of the CNN series “Parts Unknown” is effusive of the province’s food, landscape and traditions.

    In the show Bourdain takes part in cod fishing, moose hunting, and axe throwing. He dines on charred whelk, caribou tartare, and even a feed of Jiggs Dinner.

    Its arrival was not without controversy though. An otherwise complimentary tweet from the official Parts Unknown account caused a brief outcry last week after referring to “Newfies”. The tweet was deleted with apologies.

    Raymond’s Restaurant in St. John’s was featured prominently in last night’s episode. Co-owner Jeremy Bonia was surprised to see the negative tweets. He says the program will do a lot for the province. Bonia says their crew was inthe province for ten days, and that the program is an accurate reflection of who we are.

    Still, much of the reaction to the show has been positive across the province. It is hoped that the show will raise the province’s tourism profile, particularly in the US.

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