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  • NL Mom’s Crackdown on Misbehaving Daughter Goes Viral

    One Newfoundland woman’s response to repeated bad behaviour by her daughter has gone viral on Facebook.

    Amanda Mitchell says after receiving a number of notes home from school about her nine-year-old daughter’s behaviour, and following repeated conversations with her, Mitchell decided to take more decisive action.

    She stripped her daughter’s bedroom down to the barest minimum, and selected a single outfit for her to wear that included an anti-bullying t-shirt, that would be laundered every night and worn again the following day.

    Mitchell told her daughter that she would get her privileges back as her behaviour improved and she says the results have been remarkable.  The consequences have had the desired effect, says Mitchell, and her daughter has been working hard on getting her things back.

    Mitchell had posted her approach to her Facebook page, but one of her friends asked to share it, and it went viral with over 100,000 shares.

    She says she has received an overwhelming response from other parents to her form of discipline, and while some of the responses have been negative, but most are positive.

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