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  • NL Woman Sets Out to Rescue Dogs from Streets of Qatar

    A Newfoundlander working in Qatar has taken it upon herself to rescue dogs in the Arab country and find homes for them.

    Leah Hynes is from the Port au Port Peninsula, but has been working in Qatar for the last eight years.

    (Photo via Arabian Saluki Rescue via Facebook.)

    She says she fell in love with the Arabian Saluki, a sight hound native to the region. She started out rescuing cats, but in 2015, she saw her first Saluki and developed a real fondness for the breed.

    She says they’re very gentle by nature, and maintain that gentleness even if they endure abuse.

    (Hope, the Arabian Saluki, rescued by Leah Hynes.)

    She’s rescued a number of dogs and is currently looking for a home for Hope, a female Saluki she rescued that had suffered a broken leg. The animal was brought to her attention by a colleague and after leaving food for the dog, she finally got an opportunity to rescue her.

    She crouched down and talked to the dog, which she says “practically ran” into her arms.

    She’s hoping to home as many of the rescued animals as possible in Newfoundland.

    Check out more information on Facebook.

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