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  • NLers Turn Airport Layover into Impromptu Kitchen Party

    Skip the iPads and cell phones while killing time waiting for a flight to St. John’s at Pearson International in Toronto. Travellers on a WestJet flight to Newfoundland yesterday brought out the musical instruments and soon the whole waiting area was transformed into a Newfoundland Kitchen Party – airport style.

    Michelle Sacrey-Philpot, a travel agent who was in Toronto with her husband, says the music was already going when they arrived at the gate. Sean Sullivan and Sheldon Thornhill were singing and playing accordion and guitar, and Philpot says it wasn’t long before many others joined in the singing and dancing.

    April Hann Day says children were singing along, and it became quite a time before it was over.

    When it came time to board, the party died down but then came an announcement over the loudspeaker. The WestJet Attendant announced she had a little bad news, that the flight was being delayed by another 20 minutes.

    Philpott says they were happy to hear that. The flight to St. John’s was abuzz after the impromptu party, with many already sharing the video via Facebook.

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