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  • NLMA Protests Insurance Act Amendments

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    The Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association has added its voice to the protest against amendments to the the Medical Care and Hospital Insurance Act.

    The amendments affect cataract surgery and a separate non-insured service, but the NLMA says the principles that lie behind the government’s position could affect other disciplines.

    The Medical Care Insurance Insured Services Regulations show which services are insured by MCP and those that are not The NLMA says in some cases the regulations specify that services will only be paid for by MCP if they occur in a hospital, but the focus remains on insurance coverage.

    They say the regulations are limited to defining when and where a service might be insured by MCP and the regulations do not prohibit access to non-insured services. They call the distinction critical.

    Government and the Medical Association have begun a process that will invite proposals from all disciplines for MCP-insured services outside hospitals if they are more efficient, offer the same or better quality than hospitals, and improve access for patients.

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