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  • ‘No One is Going to Get Their Money Back’: Marshall on Muskrat Falls

    Nalcor CEO Stan Marshall says the month of intense, eleventh-hour protests has not changed how Nalcor or the provincial government is going to manage the big picture of the Muskrat Falls project.

    Marshall says at this point the best thing Nalcor can do is just get the project done.

    He says if there’s any way for Nalcor to stop the project and get their money back, he’d seize that opportunity right now, but no one will get their money back. He says all groups need to work together to get the project done with the least cost at this point. He says for anyone with concerns, his door is open.

    When it comes to methylmercury concerns, Marshall issued a challenge to anyone with concerns over methylmercury in Labrador.

    He says the Churchill reservoir is the largest in Canada – 2300 square kilometres. He says that reservoir is 60 times larger than the Muskrat Falls reservoir and therefore released 60 times the methylmercury into the Churchill River. He asks anyone to point out a documented case of methylmercury health concerns as a result of the flooding of the Upper Churchill Reservoir.

    Much Left to be Defined Following Agreement: Marshall

    Stan Marshall says he welcomes the agreement reached between the provincial government and Indigenous groups last week, but there’s still plenty up in the air about what will happen regarding the Muskrat Falls project as a result.

    Nalcor officials were not present at the meeting. Marshall says that’s because it was a matter between the province and Indigenous leaders and he was in contact with Ministers before and after the meeting. Marshall applauds the people who were at the table for coming to an agreement.

    In terms of impact on timelines and costs of the project because of the agreement, Marshall says it’s too early to say.

    He says there’s still much left to be defined about what work is required to be done as a result of the agreement.

    When it comes to removal of topsoil from the Muskrat Falls reservoir, Marshall says for all they know, it could make the situation worse.

    He says it would definitely be more expensive, definitely more delays. He says there’s no evidence to suggest that it would actually improve the methylmercury situation. He says the soil is not going to be removed from Labrador, it’ll have to be piled up somewhere else. He says with the soil then exposed to the elements, it could very well make the situation worse.

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